Don’t Leave Workers’ Compensation Benefits On The Table In Southern California

Although the number of work-related injuries and illnesses are slowly declining, on the job accidents and incidents are still affecting a large number of workers. In 2015, approximately 3 million workers across the nation sustained a work-related injury or illness.

More than half of the 3 million work-related injuries and illnesses sustained by workers in 2015 were severe enough for an employee to require either a job transfer or restriction. Individuals who have suffered a serious injury or illness while performing a job may need to take time off or worse, may have to learn a new occupation.

Experienced Legal Representation For Injured Workers In California

Unable to work, many injured or sick workers may struggle to pay costly medical bills and basic living expenses. Financial struggles can be compounded by the challenges of dealing with California’s workers’ compensation system. All too often, injured individuals are denied or delayed medical treatment and financial compensation.

If you or a loved one became ill or suffered an injury on the job, retain the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation as soon as possible. We have represented numerous individuals suffering from an injury or illness from work-related accidents, including:

  • A construction site accident, slip-and-fall accident and scaffolding accident
  • A fire, explosion and exposed power lines
  • Malfunctioning equipment, defective machinery and faulty cranes
  • Chemical or gas exposure
  • OSHA regulation violation
  • Aggravation of a pre-existing health condition

Assisting You With Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Did you know that you must take certain steps to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim? Filing a claim on your own in Riverside can be daunting, but with our skilled attorneys by your side, you can rest assured we will handle every aspect of your case from filing paperwork to taking your case to trial if negotiations stall.

Because you cannot rush the claims process, do not wait to contact our staff. If you wait too long to take action, you may not be able to file a claim. If you are unable to file a claim, you cannot collect a settlement.

Advocating For You After A Denied Or Delayed Claim

If your claim was denied or delayed, our legal team can provide assistance as well. We will fight for your legal rights every step of the way to ensure you receive the highest amount of compensation possible for the damages related to your injury or illness.

The claims’ process can be complicated and victims who attempt to handle a case on their own or seek unqualified legal help, risk losing their chance to get a fair settlement for medical care and other damages. Several studies have shown that with aggressive legal assistance, victims typically recover four times more compensation than those who have no or inexperienced legal representation.

Dedicated To Seeking Justice For Injured Workers

At the Mitchell Law Corporation, our workers’ compensation lawyers in San Diego understand the devastating effects a serve illness of injury can have on victims and their families. We are dedicated to helping you through this difficult time and will work day and night to see justice served on your behalf. Call our Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego offices at 619-702-6518 or send us an email to schedule a free case consultation. Do not worry about the cost of hiring an experienced lawyer. If we are unable to obtain a settlement for you, we won’t charge a fee for our services.

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