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After suffering a catastrophic burn injury in a fire, explosion or any other type of preventable workplace accident, please do not hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation.

Severe burn injuries can not only cause debilitating pain, they can also cause crippling financial strain on victims and their families. Although workers’ compensation benefits, medical insurance or homeowners insurance may cover some treatment costs, it may not even come close to compensating a victim’s medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages.

If you believe someone else was responsible for inflicting a serious burn injury you or your loved one suffered, you may need legal representation. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be difficult without the representation of a qualified attorney. Individuals who recruit our legal team to represent them typically receive more money for injury-related damages.

We work closely with the Grossman Burn Center to ensure you receive high-quality medical care. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients and are passionate about making sure every victim gets the funds they need for costly surgeries, hospital stays and doctor visits.

Common Causes Of Workplace Burn Injuries

  • Open flame: Reported burn injuries at work are often caused by direct contact with an open flame, such as candles, bonfires, fireplace fires, lighters and matches.
  • Scalding liquids: Scalding water or other type of liquid causes approximately 34 percent of all burn injuries sustained in the U.S.
  • Chemical and electrical: Although not as common flame or scalding liquid burns, chemical and electrical burns do harm a number of individuals each year.

Recovering Financial Compensation For Those Suffering Injuries From Burns

Although some burn injuries are sustained in unavoidable accidents at work, some are the result of negligence or hazardous work conditions. If you believe your burn injury was a result of negligence or hazardous work conditions, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

California imposes strict time limits on filing a personal injury claim and will not allow victims to take legal action after the time limits have expired. Do not risk losing your ability to file a claim and recover monetary damages. Contact an ethical lawyer in Los Angeles at the Mitchell Law Corporation right now.

You Pay Nothing Until We Win. Talk to a personal injury Lawyer Today

Please call 619-702-6518 in Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside to make an appointment for a free case consultation. You may also complete our online contact form.

The attorneys in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation can answer your pressing legal questions and advise you of the best legal path for you and your family. You will not have to pay a dime unless we win your case.

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