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How do bus drivers get injured on the job?

On the surface, being a bus driver may seem like a relaxing job. Sure, these drivers may spend part of their day in traffic, which can be stressful, but at least they get paid to do it.

However, there are many not-so-obvious ways for a bus driver to suffer an injury and to need to file workers' compensation.

How do I cope with the death of a co-worker?

Life is not easy. No one ever said it would be. It gets particularly hard when you lose someone close to you. Co-workers can be simple acquaintances who you don't engage without side of work or they can become integral parts of your life and close friends. If you lose a co-worker due to wrongful death in the workplace, you need to know how to cope with such a loss.

The first step in the healing process after the loss of a co-worker due to a work-related death is to share your feelings. You are likely not the only person struggling with the loss of your co-worker. Other people in the office or on the construction sites are probably just as upset as you are about the death.

Here's what to do if your workers' comp claim is delayed

Suffering an injury on the job is stressful enough. Combine that with the fact that your workers' compensation claim was delayed and your stress levels could go through the roof. Dealing with a delayed claim means that you will not receive the benefits you deserve because of the injury suffered while at work. Here's what you should do if your workers' comp claim is ever delayed.

A workers' compensation claim can be delayed for at most 90 days. A lot of the time, this is done by the insurance companies in an effort to tire the worker to the point where he or she stops pursuing the claim. Then there are the times where an investigation is launched into the workplace accident that caused the reported injury.

Uses for workers' compensation benefits in California

Suffering an injury while on the job is stressful. Even though your employer likely has workers' compensation coverage, you still don't know how you will be able to pay the bills or if you will even be able to return to work. Let's try to ease some of that worry and stress in this post by explaining what workers' compensation benefits can be used for in California.

When it comes to workers' compensation benefits, employees are usually entitled to four benefits. The first of those is medical treatment, which should be paid for by the insurance company. The insurance company is required to pay for all treatment, surgery and medication that would be reasonably required to help the victim heal from the injuries suffered.

How do I stay safe when using scaffolding?

Working in construction is rewarding and dangerous at the same time. You never know when something will go wrong and you or a co-worker could suffer an injury. This is especially true when it comes to working on scaffolding. Scaffolding is a necessary piece of equipment for many projects. So, how do you stay safe when using scaffolding in San Diego?

Any and all employees who are going to work on the scaffolding should receive the proper training before climbing onto it. Training should include how to operate the scaffolding, how to prevent falls from the scaffolding, load capacity of the scaffolding and more.

3 tips for filing workers' compensation in San Diego

If you suffer an injury at your workplace, there are specific steps that you must follow to claim workers' compensation benefits. California law requires employers to carry insurance to cover worker injuries and to pay for the policy.

Filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits is not as straightforward as it may seem. It is important for you to understand how to proceed, from the very moment you suffer your injury or discover your injury. These three tips will get you off to a good start, and then you can take the rest of your questions to an employment law attorney who can help you with any complications.

Preventing burns at work in San Diego

Accidents in the workplace happen more often than they should. Most of the accidents are easily preventable. When you work in a setting where burn injuries are possible, you need to do everything you can to avoid these injuries. Here are some important tips for preventing burns at work in San Diego, California.

One of the most important things that can help prevent burn injuries on the jobs is proper training. All employees who work in a lab or with chemicals need to be trained properly. This training should include videos, safety policies, documents and more. All employees should be educated on the dangers of getting burned and how to care for burns while seeking medical treatment.

Preventing head, neck and back injuries at work

Thousands of people are injured each year on the job in San Diego, California. Many of those injuries can easily be prevented, especially when it comes to repetitive injuries. If you go to work each day in a job that doesn't have many dangers, you shouldn't have to worry about getting injured but it can still happen. Here are some tips for preventing head, neck and back injuries on the job.

Back injuries occur when you do not lift items properly. You should always lift using your knees and never when bending at the waist. Be sure you don't lift items that are too heavy. This can lead to you suffering a pulled or torn muscle in your back.

Explaining what happens when an employee dies at work

For the most part, a large number of companies in the state of California follow the laws governing safety and other regulations to protect employees. There are a handful of companies that try to skirt these laws in an effort to save money. Employees also do their best to follow these laws and the procedures put in place by their employers. The sad fact of the matter is that accidents still happen and employees suffer serious injuries or even die on the job.

It is possible that the death of an employee, while on the job, could lead to workers' compensation benefits activating. These benefits are typically held for employees who are only injured on the job, but some policies could have clauses that allow for death benefits. California has a $10,000 benefit for burial expenses. Families with three dependents or more could also be eligible for $320,000 in the state.

How do I stay safe at a roadway work zone?

The roads in California seem to always be under construction. They are also a very dangerous place because of all the congestion. Construction workers are at risk of getting injured or killed on the job each day they step foot in one of these work zones. Here are some important safety tips for roadway work zones in San Diego and beyond.

Traffic should be controlled properly at or near all roadside construction zones. This can be done using flares, cones, blocking devices, warning signs, detour signs and large trucks. Place large trucks ahead of the zone as a buffer if the crew is working in one of the travel lanes or on the shoulder.

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