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California often treats small farms differently than other states

Worker safety on small farms is something of a point of contention in the United States. While other types of businesses have to answer to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Congress determined decades ago that the same oversight should not apply to these small farming operations. They're often family-run farms, though they may still have employees.

The problem is that the lack of government oversight means that dangerous and even deadly conditions sometimes exist. When a worker is injured or even killed, these events do not always spark the same large-scale investigations that they would elsewhere.

Hearing loss America’s most common workplace injury

When you work in an industry known to be dangerous, such as logging, fishing or manufacturing, you probably exercise care when performing certain duties to reduce your risk of injury. Today’s most common workplace injury is not what you may expect, however, and it is one that can impact workers who hold logging, fishing or manufacturing jobs as well as those working in many other fields: hearing loss.

USA Today reports that hearing loss is now America’s most common work-related injury and that the problem is so prevalent nowadays that the nation’s employers pay about $242 million annually in hearing loss-related workers’ compensation costs. Furthermore, more than 22 million American workers undergo exposure to potentially hazardous levels of noise every year. Unless workers and employers take more steps to protect themselves, these figures will likely continue to rise.

How do you know if you threw out your back?

Suffering a back injury at work can lead to extensive medical treatment and could even change the course of your career. One potential issue you face is throwing your back out while simply trying to perform the duties associated with your employment. How do you know if that is what you've done?

The first thing you should know is that an official diagnosis is very important, especially when it comes to workers' compensation. You need to see a medical professional, not just for treatment, but also to get documentation of your injury and to find out what type of injury it really is. Never assume anything or decide to make that diagnosis on your own. Stop working immediately and seek out proper medical care.

Why steam burns can be worse than water burns

Coming in contact with boiling water or scalding steam puts you in serious danger of suffering significant burns. In some occupations, this is a constant threat and something that all workers must be aware of.

You may have heard that even when steam and water are technically the same temperature, steam can cause worse burns. Why does this happen?

Tips for moving forward after a spouse passes away

Losing a spouse in a tragic workplace accident is something no one expects, but thousands of families go through it every year. If it happens to you, it is important to know how to move forward with your life. This is difficult. Expect it to take time. That's all right.

One key thing to keep in mind is that each person experiences grief in a unique way. Some cannot stop crying, while others wonder why they don't cry more. Some throw themselves into their own careers as a means of distraction, while others find it impossible to do anything. Do not compare your experience to anyone else. Just find the method of grieving that works the best for you.

Back injuries often stem from cumulative damage

You may feel like your back injury happened suddenly, but is that really true? While certain events definitely can lead to instant injuries -- such as getting into a car accident -- the reality is that a lot of back ailments are the result of cumulative damage. Over time, putting a little strain on your back every day finally causes it to give out.

For instance, maybe you have to do heavy lifting at work. No one gives you any instructions. No one gives you any training. They certainly do not give you a back brace, a lifting belt or any other protective gear.

7 steps for emergency treatment of burns

Burn injuries are incredibly painful, and they can lead to permanent scarring and even disabilities. It is crucial that those who are first on the scene know what type of aid to give the injured person.

If that person's burns are fairly severe, here are seven important steps to take:

Common causes of work-related head injuries

Suffering a head injury on the job in California can be devastating to your life and career. It could wind up being serious enough that you find yourself no longer able to work. Or, you could require a lengthy period of rehabilitation before returning to your job. Either way, you need to avoid suffering such an accident and injury. Here are the common causes of head injuries on the job.

A fall from heights is one of the most common causes of head injuries on the job. Whether you work in a warehouse, on scaffolding or on ladders most of the day, you need to be as safe as possible to avoid injuring your head in a fall. Wearing a hard hat can help reduce injury chances as well.

Death of tunnel worker leads to hearing in California

A 51-year-old construction worker was recently killed in the Twin Peaks Tunnel in San Francisco when a steel beam fell on him on the job. The construction accident death has led to the call for a hearing of the Board of Supervisors by San Francisco Supervisor Norman Yee. The supervisors will meet regarding the accident when the summer recess ends.

The worker killed was working for Shimmick Construction, which is based out of Oakland. The company told San Francisco on a questionnaire that it did not have any prior serious citations from the state when the bidding process was in motion. The questionnaire was administered by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

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