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Common workplace risks and fatal injuries

Even if you survive an on-the-job injury, it can change your life forever. If you pass away, it is your family that feels the impact for years to come. Despite the way that workplaces have generally gotten safer in the last 100 years, recent years have seen an uptick in accidents, and it is important for workers to know the risks.

After all, 5,147 workers lost their lives in 2017, per recent reports. In 2016, it was even worse, with 5,190 deaths. It is clear that the risk isn't going anywhere, with hundreds of workers dying every month.

Company fined after worker dies in machine

A worker at Aardvark Clay & Supplies, Inc. passed away in a tragic accident when he was entangled in a pug mill, which is a clay manufacturing machine. In the wake of the accident, Cal/OSHA recently decided to fine the company in excess of $250,000.

According to reports, the citations are for "willful failure" to put guards in place to keep workers from getting caught in the machine. In fact, it appears that they had removed the safety guards prior to use. Moreover, they had allegedly neglected to train the worker regarding how to use the pug mill safely.

Common causes of bus driver injuries

Driving a bus may be a simple and easy job at times, but it can also be stressful and dangerous. Just because you sit most of the time does not mean you do not deal with workplace hazards. Approximately 5,780 local, state and intercity bus drivers got hurt while working in 2013.

If you suffer an injury while driving a bus, you may be able to file a claim for compensation. But you can reduce the risk of getting hurt by knowing about the most common hazards and safety guidelines. 

Young workers face higher risks on the job

When looking at the risk of serious injury or even death on the job, studies have found that young workers face an elevated level of risk when compared to their older coworkers. With millions of young people working during the summer and even through the school year, this is something that safety officials cannot ignore.

One important area to dig into is why the risks are higher for younger workers. What is it that makes them more prone to these serious accidents? A few reasons include:

  • They simply do not have as much experience as older workers.
  • They may face physical challenges due to their smaller size.
  • They could lack the strength and ability to use certain types of equipment and machinery.
  • The personal protective equipment that was designed for adults -- hardhats, gloves and safety glasses, for instance -- may not fit young workers correctly.
  • Young people's brains are still developing and their cognitive control systems may not equal those of the adults they work with.
  • Young workers tend to underestimate the risks, meaning they may engage in behaviors that older workers would know to avoid.

Teenage construction worker run over by forklift

A construction worker in California has died after a tragic accident in which he was apparently run over by a forklift. He was just 19 years old.

The incident happened in Rohnert Park, and it occurred on February 27, right around 10 a.m.

Exploding tire kills worker at John Wayne Airport

A worker at California's John Wayne Airport has passed away after being fatally injured by an exploding tire.

The incident happened right around 11:30 p.m., on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Two workers were actually at the site, working to repair a giant tire. It was allegedly about four feet tall. It was not an aircraft tire, but the tire for a jet bridge that allowed passengers to enter a plane from the terminal.

Tips for helping a burn heal

If you suffer a serious burn on the job, get medical treatment quickly. Do not simply try to treat it yourself. You need to have a doctor analyze it and tell you about the best course of action for complete healing. You also need documentation of the injury and your treatment for the sake of workers' compensation.

That said, there are things you can do to promote healing after the fact. A few helpful examples include:

  • Using an antibiotic ointment on the area to reduce the odds of infection and scarring.
  • Putting a cool compress on the burn and/or running it under cold water to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Using aloe vera, the same plant often used after a sunburn, to promote healing and soothe the pain.
  • Refraining from popping any blisters or peeling away the skin. You want to wrap the burn and allow it to heal naturally.
  • Using pain relievers that also help to reduce swelling.
  • Continuing treatment with your doctor and meeting with medical professionals to see if more steps are needed.

Workers' comp in relation to carpal tunnel syndrome

Many jobs these days require workers to sit at a desk and type for eight hours every day. Over time, this can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the early warning signs you have developed with this condition is that you experience a tingling or painful sensation going from your shoulder to your forearm. Your fingers may also feel swollen. 

It becomes extremely difficult to continue to type when you constantly experience pain in your fingers and hands. What many people do not realize is that they can file a workers' comp claim for such an injury. It may be difficult to prove the injury occurred as a result of your workplace, but pursuing a claim can be worth it. 

We think we know why your workers' compensation claim was denied

Is your workers' compensation claim taking forever to gain an approval? Has it flat-out been denied?

We think we know why -- and we may be able to help you overcome the problem.

Workers' comp could get denied if you never got treatment

If you get hurt on the job, go get medical treatment. Do it as soon as possible. Don't try to tough it out. Don't put it off. Just go get the treatment that you need.

The first reason for this, of course, is that you don't know the scope of the injury. It could be worse than you think. You never want to take a risk with your health. Your chances of a full recovery are best if you head in for treatment right away. Do not deny yourself that chance.

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