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Heavy lifting a major cause of injury in health care
Working in health care exposes you to more risks than the average employee, and many of those risks stem from lifting and shifting heavy patients. Your risk of suffering a lifting-related injury is so notable, in fact, that it is the biggest threat you face in your line of work. According to Healthcare Business & […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| July 31, 2020

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Do you have a concussion?
California workers like you face some dangers in the workplace. You may have plenty of safety precautions in place. But this does not mitigate every danger. This is why head, neck and back injuries still happen somewhat often. Some types of head injuries are more common than others. Concussions are among them. Mild to severe […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| July 21, 2020

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Can you file a workers compensation claim for a mild sprain?
You may have sustained a mild sprain to your wrist, but this is more than an inconvenience since it will cause you to lose time at work. You injured your wrist picking up a box of copier supplies and now you cannot type without pain. Can you file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits? Common […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| July 1, 2020

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