Month: March 2020

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What do you do if your workers’ compensation claim gets denied?
Workers’ compensation claims not only take longer to clear but also may get denied. If your claim gets rejected, you have several ways to find your way forward. One of the first things is to appeal through the state board of workers’ compensation. However, it would help if you know why your claim got rejected […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| March 31, 2020

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What are major causes of back pain at work?
California workers often stress their backs doing their daily tasks. Back injuries make up a large chunk of work related injuries. Today we will examine some of the main causes of back pain and injury at work. By examining these causes, workers may predict potential sources of harm and danger. This can help workers stay […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| March 27, 2020

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Why is your workers’ compensation claim delayed?
When you claim workers’ compensation benefits, you and your employer may disagree about appropriate treatment options or the extent to which your injury resulted from the job. The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has a process for resolving such disputes, but the state auditor has faulted DWC for significant deficiencies in this process.  A report issued by […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| March 17, 2020

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Common causes of workplace accidents and injuries
Workplace accidents are any uncontrolled or unplanned events that can potentially cause physical harm to workers on the job. Although some workplace accidents are preventable, they still occur, leading to injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. Some occupations and workplaces pose greater risks to employees than others. According to the National Safety Council, the industries with […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| March 5, 2020

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