If Your Claim Is Delayed In Southern California, You Still Have Options

After being hurt at work, the last thought on many injured workers’ minds is making sure their workers’ compensation claim is not delayed. For many hurt individuals, it can be a shock to receive a letter stating a claim has been delayed. Unfortunately, it is not rare for employers and insurance companies to delay workers’ compensation benefits based on unsubstantial claims.

Seriously injured individuals who have been delayed benefits can attempt to clarify the facts surrounding the circumstance in question. However, as simple as it may seem to clarify the facts surrounding your incident, it can be very difficult to negotiate with an employer or insurance company without the representation of an experienced attorney in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation.

Getting Your Case Back On Track

If an insurer asks you to sign a settlement or give a recorded statement, please do not sign any paperwork or talk to an insurance agent without consulting our ethical legal team first. You are not legally required to sign a settlement or give a recorded statement. The statements you provide may be “twisted” and used against you by insurance companies trying to prevent paying you what you deserve. Signing a medical authorization document or any other type of document may prevent you from recovering benefits and additional types of financial compensation.

The lawyers in Los Angeles at the Mitchell Law Corporation have the legal knowledge and skill to handle all talks with insurance companies and get your case back on track. Our legal team and staff have the same goal – securing as much compensation as possible for your medical costs, rehabilitation, lost income and pain and suffering.

Reasons For Delayed Claims

Employers or insurance companies may delay a claim because:

  • The details surrounding your case (when, where and how the accident occurred) are in question
  • A discrepancy between the initial medical records and your accident report exists
  • You did not sign a medical authorization statement or refused to give the insurance carrier a recorded statement
  • Your injury was not witnessed and whether your injury occurred at work is being disputed

No matter what reason you received for a delayed claim, please do not wait to take prompt action. Contact an attorney in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation immediately. Waiting to take action could result in your inability to collect workers’ compensation benefits. We take our job as aggressive litigators seriously and will not back down to difficult employers or insurance companies who may try to deny you benefits.

Do Not Be Concerned About Legal Fees

If you are concerned about the cost of hiring an experienced attorney, please do not let that stop you from contacting our firm. Every case we take is on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay any fees until our team wins money for your injury-related damages. You can call our firm right now toll free at 619-702-6518 in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and throughout Southern California. Call now or complete our online contact form and we can schedule a free case review whenever it is most convenient for you.

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