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How to Find the Best Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer

On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
December 15, 2023

There are an overwhelming number of attorneys in the Los Angeles area who vary in experience, competence, and cost. Finding the correct law firm for your worker’s compensation claim can seem daunting, but with research, you can find an attorney who meets your needs. Below are effective ways to help you find the right California workers’ compensation lawyer for your case.

How to Find a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer

Hiring an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim can be incredibly helpful in delivering the benefits you need. They can help you file the initial paperwork to avoid costly errors that could harm the process. If your claim is denied and needs an appeal, they can help you gather relevant evidence and argue your case. While hiring an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim is not legally necessary, their knowledge can help you receive timely benefits.

How to Find the Best Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer

Below are criteria you can use to evaluate different attorneys and law firms in the Los Angeles area:

  • Firm Size: The size of a firm can affect the type of services you receive from an attorney. While a larger firm might have access to more resources than a typical firm, it might not be able to offer the personalized treatment that a smaller firm can. Smaller firms can sometimes offer more individualized services, but their size can reduce the number of resources they provide. However, these characteristics do not hold true in every case.
  • Practice Area: Some firms are general practice firms that have experience in a wide variety of types of law. This typically means that they have significant experience and positive case results. Other law firms only take cases in certain areas of law. This might make them more knowledgeable about your specific case, but it might also limit the actions they can take on your behalf.
  • Location: If you are interested in speaking with your attorney in person, the location of their office might play a large role in your decision. For those who are more interested in other forms of communication like phone calls or texts, emails, and video calls, this element might not be as important to you.

Every individual is different. In the same way, every law firm is different and offers different types of benefits for their clients. To select the right law firm for your legal needs, evaluate different options based on the criteria that are most relevant to you.

Where injuries happen

Sprains, strains, punctures and cuts happen in all business environments, but slips, trips and falls plus material handling issues most often occur in the manufacturing, construction and retail industries. On the construction site, eye injuries can result from small particles such as cement chips, wood chips or metal slivers scraping the eyeball. Industrial cleaning products or chemicals can burn the eyes and, in the most serious cases, staples, nails or slivers of metal can penetrate the eyeball and cause permanent blindness.

How Much Should I Pay for a California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Most workers’ compensation attorneys charge for their services using a contingency fee. This fee is assessed after the settlement is paid out. In Los Angeles, an attorney typically takes anywhere between 10% to 20% of the settlement earnings. This fee varies based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Complexity: Generally, the easier the case is to prove, the less an attorney might charge. Cases that require appeals or have more stipulations than a normal case might cost more.
  • Claim Stage: There are numerous different stages in a worker’s compensation claim. If a claim is in its beginning stages, it might take more time for a lawyer to successfully deliver a settlement, leading to higher fees. If the claim is already filed and must be appealed, it could take less time on the lawyer’s behalf and, therefore, cost less money.
  • Experience: The amount of experience an attorney has can affect their rates as well. This is why it is not necessarily the most effective strategy to select the attorney who has the cheapest rates.

Most attorneys outline their fee structure with you during your initial consultations before you agree to work with them. It can be helpful to review the fee structure of several attorneys and compare them with other criteria like experience and other important features to find an attorney who works with your needs.


Q: How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in California?

A: If an employee successfully files a workers’ compensation claim, they are entitled to up to 66% of their wages before tax with a weekly limit of $1,356.31. These benefits are usually untaxed and are funded by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. While most employers have workers’ compensation insurance, there are some that are not legally required to do so. To evaluate your potential benefits, contact a workers’ compensation attorney.

Q: What Is the Employer’s Responsibility When a Worker Is Injured?

A: Employers are responsible for providing work environments that are safe for their employees. If this safety is violated and an employee is injured, an employer owes that employee benefits in the form of workers’ compensation. The employer must also report to the state that the injury occurred. Depending on the injury, they might be required to pay the employee medical benefits, disability benefits, or death benefits to their family.

Q: How Do You Find a Great Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

A: There are a variety of factors that affect an attorney’s work. It’s generally beneficial to find an attorney with proven experience, certifications relevant to workers’ compensation, and no disciplinary actions. Different attorneys also charge different rates and use different payment structures for their services, which should be taken into consideration as well. Finding the right attorney for your case could help you receive appropriate benefits.

Q: How Long Does Workers’ Comp Have to Pay You in California?

A: The timeline in which workers’ compensation is paid depends on the type of payments that are received. Some payments are received in a lump sum format, while others are distributed on a weekly basis. Temporary disability benefits are usually paid out for 104 weeks, but more severe cases can be extended up to 240 weeks of payments. To learn more about how much money you might be entitled to, contact a workers’ compensation attorney.

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The Mitchell Law Corporation strives to deliver compassionate and effective representation to all of our workers’ compensation clients. We offer representation in both English and Spanish and have experience in helping migrant workers as well as United States citizens. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your options for your workers’ compensation claim.

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