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What do you do if your workers’ compensation claim gets denied?

Workers’ compensation claims not only take longer to clear but also may get denied. If your claim gets rejected, you have several ways to find your way forward. One of the first things is to appeal through the state board of workers’ compensation.

However, it would help if you know why your claim got rejected initially. Most claims get rejected because you failed to report the injury in good time, the damage has become hard to prove, or the employer disputed the claim.  It may also be because there was no medical treatment, and there is no evidence that the injuries occurred in the workplace.

According to the Department of Labor, the law allows workers up to 30 days to appeal the rejection of their claims. As a worker, it is during this time that you may speak to your employer to know if they had an issue with your claim. If they did not dispute it, they might have ideas on the cause for rejection of your claim. Also, they may give you a way forward.

Bear in mind that the appeal process can get complicated even when it is handled by an experienced professional. Also, you need to come with new documents that will address the reasons for the claim rejection to support your argument against the decision.

You should get a timesheet that will help you recall what happened when you got injured. It will also help you get everything you need to prove your case. Claim rejections are not final, therefore, you can challenge them and win.