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7 steps for emergency treatment of burns

On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
October 5, 2018

Burn injuries are incredibly painful, and they can lead to permanent scarring and even disabilities. It is crucial that those who are first on the scene know what type of aid to give the injured person.

If that person’s burns are fairly severe, here are seven important steps to take:

1. Help the person so that they are unable to get hurt any more seriously. For instance, if someone suffers an electrical burn, flip off the breaker or the power source and then move them away from the wires.

2. Give the person CPR if they are not breathing.

3. Take off restrictive items because the burn is likely going to swell quickly. For instance, you may want to remove the person’s belt, watch or necklace.

4. Get bandages or clean, cool cloths and cover the injury. This can help with the pain and also helps prevent contamination.

5. While running your hand under water for a minor burn can help significantly, remember that this does not work for severe burns. When people are put in water, though it may feel good, they can lose so much of their body heat that they develop hypothermia.

6. Try to get the damaged area elevated so that it is higher than the person’s heart.

7. As you wait for medical professionals to arrive, keep a close eye on the person to make sure they do not go into shock. If they look pale, stop talking or pass out, they could be in grave danger. Try to keep them talking and alert.

Workplace burns that cause significant damage can also lead to incredible medical bills, especially when the person needs skin grafts, physical rehabilitation and much more. People who suffer these injuries need to know all the legal options they have to help cover these costs.

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