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Death of tunnel worker leads to hearing in California
A 51-year-old construction worker was recently killed in the Twin Peaks Tunnel in San Francisco when a steel beam fell on him on the job. The construction accident death has led to the call for a hearing of the Board of Supervisors by San Francisco Supervisor Norman Yee. The supervisors will meet regarding the accident when the […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| August 22, 2018

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How do I stay safe when using scaffolding?
Working in construction is rewarding and dangerous at the same time. You never know when something will go wrong and you or a co-worker could suffer an injury. This is especially true when it comes to working on scaffolding. Scaffolding is a necessary piece of equipment for many projects. So, how do you stay safe when […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| June 29, 2018

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How do I stay safe at a roadway work zone?
The roads in California seem to always be under construction. They are also a very dangerous place because of all the congestion. Construction workers are at risk of getting injured or killed on the job each day they step foot in one of these work zones. Here are some important safety tips for roadway work […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| May 4, 2018

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How to report a construction site accident in California
Accidents on construction sites are avoidable, but they also happen with even the best safety measures in place. When a construction site accident occurs in San Diego, it is important for all involved to report it as soon as possible. Reporting an accident is not something you should be afraid to do. It’s something that […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| April 3, 2018

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3 parties that may be liable for road construction accidents
Road construction seems to be happening all over southern California. As frustrating as roadwork may be for residents and motorists in the area, it is important to recognize that construction workers are putting their lives on the line to perform these jobs. Whether crews are fixing potholes on residential roads or completely reconstructing part of […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| March 21, 2018

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