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4 reasons for workers’ compensation denials

California has relatively good protections for workers who get on-the-job injuries. If someone denied your workers’ compensation claim, there could be something wrong.

Sometimes, it is just a mistake. Other times, people might be trying to avoid their responsibilities. Here are some of the top reasons for workers’ comp denials.

1. A due date

You must report your injury soon after it happens. Delays could cause problems.

You also have a relatively short period of time to complete all of your documents and turn them in to the correct people. If you do not move fast enough, the insurance company might decide to reject your claim.

2. Lack of treatment

It is also important to seek medical attention. A doctor familiar with the workers’ compensation system is usually a good resource. A prompt visit to a medical professional should provide the paperwork do you need to proceed with the claims process.

3. Employer disagreements

Your employer might decide to dispute your claim. Sometimes, it is because your employer believes that the injury was due to your intoxication or violent behavior. In other cases, they might just want to avoid higher insurance payments in the future.

4. Non-work injuries

The insurance company might decide that your injury did not happen at work. If you believe that it did, you might be able to provide evidence to prove your point.

A denial is not the end of the process in many cases. In each of these types of cases, it is sometimes possible to work with your insurance company and show them that you deserve payment.