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Do you have a concussion?

California workers like you face some dangers in the workplace. You may have plenty of safety precautions in place. But this does not mitigate every danger. This is why head, neck and back injuries still happen somewhat often.

Some types of head injuries are more common than others. Concussions are among them.

Mild to severe concussive symptoms

Mayo Clinic goes into detail about concussion symptoms and severity. For mild concussions, it is sometimes hard to tell that you have one. This is because mild concussive symptoms primarily revolve around head or neck pain.

Severe concussive symptoms are easier to pick up on. They involve physical, behavioral and mental symptoms. The physical ones tend to get noticed first. This may include migraines or piercing pain in the head. You may black out or suffer from insomnia. You could have issues with your balance. You may also have a sensory disorder. For example, you might not smell or taste things the way they should taste. You could also experience tinnitus, or the ringing of your ears.

Non-physical signs of concussion

Behavioral symptoms tie to mental symptoms. Mental symptoms often include confusion, brain fog and memory loss. You may suffer from acute memory loss surrounding the traumatic event. You may also suffer from short-term memory loss. Some victims feel agitated and angered by their troubles with memory. Concussions can leave a person feeling more combative than usual. You may also have a harder time controlling your impulses. This combination makes you more likely to lash out at loved ones out of anger.

If you notice these symptoms, it could mean you have a concussion. You will want to seek medical treatment as fast as possible.