California workers like you want to attend your job in a safe environment. Unfortunately, hazards exist in every workplace. Not only that, but you cannot always predict or prevent accidents. This leads to potential injury.

One of the most common types of injury at work are head, neck and back injuries. Of head injuries, concussions are common. They happen more in some fields than others, but they can happen anywhere at any time.

Non-physical symptoms of concussion

Mayo Clinic looks at symptoms of concussions. They vary from mild to severe. The onset also varies. Some symptoms appear at the time of the injury. Others take 24 hours or longer to manifest. Some may even take days or weeks.

Symptoms often fall into two categories. These are non-physical and physical symptoms. Non-physical symptoms often involve your emotional and behavioral stability. For example, many sufferers of concussions experience high levels of irritability. You may have intense confusion or lapses in memory. You might experience temporary amnesia.

How concussions affect you physically

Physical symptoms include changes to your senses or other physical effects. For example, headaches are common. You may feel nauseous or vomit. You could see spots or “stars”. You might experience dizziness. Some people hear ringing in their ears, known as tinnitus. Others experience sensory input problems. Your sense of taste and smell may end up scrambled, and you might not taste or smell things in the correct way.

Regardless of what symptoms you show, you may want to seek a medical professional. After all, you cannot know right away how damaging your concussive injury was. It is better to err on the side of caution.