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What are major causes of back pain at work?

California workers often stress their backs doing their daily tasks. Back injuries make up a large chunk of work related injuries.

Today we will examine some of the main causes of back pain and injury at work. By examining these causes, workers may predict potential sources of harm and danger. This can help workers stay safe on the job.

The importance of proper lifting techniques

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) examines sources of back pain at work. One main cause is insufficient training. If you deal with heavy lifting, you should also get proper training from your management on how to lift. Improper lifting technique is a leading cause of back injuries. Some employers never teach their employees the right way to do it. They assume it is an innate knowledge when it is not.

Next is an incorrect perception of the risk you face. Lifting heavy weights every day may desensitize you to the true dangers of your job. When someone does the same thing day in and out, they may loosen their standards and strictness. This leads to making mistakes, which can lead to injury.

Poor management, tight deadlines and more

If management forces you to rush, this can also lead to back injuries. Sometimes you must work on a deadline. But this deadline should not jeopardize the health and safety of workers. Some managers seem to forget this. They demand workers meet strict deadlines without regard to the rushing they may have to do. When you rush, you are more likely to make the mistakes that lead to accidents.

These are only a few potential sources of back pain. Keep an eye out for these and other causes when on the job.