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How do you prevent scaffolding injuries?

California construction workers often use scaffolding in projects. Scaffolding has the potential to be very dangerous. It is important to use scaffolding with proper safety precautions in mind. Supervisors and workers alike can also do many things to help improve the safety of these.

The United States Department of Labor looks at crucial components of scaffolding safety. This includes the safety of workers using scaffolding and the workers below. The first step to take toward safety improvements involve the scaffolding itself. Always inspect scaffolding before sending workers onto it. Make sure every piece is present and it good working order. Do not take “short cuts” to correct flaws in scaffolding.

You should treat safety precautions and equipment in the same way. Always ensure your equipment is up to date. Keep on top of safety training. If new technology appears that makes the field safer to work in, use it as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for studies that talk about safety risks for scaffolding.

Reinforcing behaviors that value worker safety is crucial. Workers will not take safety seriously if they feel their bosses or coworkers do not care. Be strict with the observation of safety measures. Make sure all workers understand that following safety protocol is crucial. When workers ignore safety policies, take appropriate action. Provide workers with the tools and training they need to be safe.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of every risk associated with scaffolding. But it is possible to cut down on these risks. This keeps both the workers and employers safe from harmful situations.