Are you a worker in California who engages in repetitive daily motion? This can come in many forms. Secretaries type all day, hair dressers cut and cashiers are always scanning items. Many of us do not even notice how repetitive our actions are at work. That is, until we have to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an inflammatory injury that can degenerate over time. If it is not treated, CTS will continue to worsen. This causes the sufferer great pain in the affected wrist and hand. Victims report sensations of burning or “electric” pain that shoots through the arm. They may also experience tingling and numbness. These can vary in intensity and duration.

CTS can occur at different levels of severity. While it is still mild, many people make the mistake of trying to “power through” the pain. They do not rest their wrist well. They do not engage in good stretching habits. This will worsen the injury and make it more difficult to recover.

At the more severe levels of CTS, it is possible that a victim’s wrist may need surgery. This can lead to the sufferer needing to take time off work to recover. In essence, trying to avoid missing work can result in overworking the injured wrist. This in turn will lead to even more recovery time being necessary.

The effects of carpal tunnel syndrome are devastating. It can get in your way of earning a living or even enjoying your life. For that reason, you may want to click the link here to read more about CTS.