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Caring for a neck injury

You injure your neck in a workplace accident. It’s painful, uncomfortable and frustrating. Most of all, though, you worry about the long-term ramifications. You know how dire neck and spine injuries can be. What should you do to care for the injury after it happens?

First, make sure you go to the doctor. Get proper medical care. Do not put it off. Do not try to deal with it on your own. This is something you must take seriously, and that means going to the doctor right after the incident.

That said, medical professionals give the following tips for neck injury care include the following:

  • Take the painkillers that your doctor recommends. Follow the instructions to the letter regarding when to take them, how much and what not to do — such as drinking alcohol.
  • Use ice or heat on your neck when needed. Ice especially helps with swelling, whereas heat can help with tightness and pain. Generally, you want to start with just ice for a few days and then use a moist heat source after that.
  • If your doctor thinks that you need to do so, consider wearing a neck brace. This can help protect and support your neck and head, preventing further injuries and allowing you to heal. Keep in mind that these are generally best just for short-term use so that you do not end up with weakened neck muscles.

If you suffer a serious injury on the job, you need to know what rights you have to seek compensation to cover medical care, physical therapy, lost income and other financial losses.