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Construction continues to lead to deadliest accidents

If you consider the per capita fatality statistics, other industries are often “more dangerous” than construction. Examples include the logging industry and the deep-sea fishing industry.

What this really means is just that a higher percentage of workers lose their lives in these relatively small industries. If you want to look at where the deadliest accidents happen, it’s always in construction. And it’s not even close.

For instance, take a look at the statistics from 2017, which are the most recent ones put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In that year alone, 971 construction workers died in accidents that happened on the job. That’s out of a total of 4,674 worker deaths that occurred anywhere in private industries.

In other words, 20.7% of all workers who passed away, or one out of every five, worked in construction.

The problem is that construction just comes with a lot of high-risk activities. Workers have to:

  • Use power tools
  • Climb ladders
  • Work at heights
  • Work around electrical lines
  • Use heavy equipment
  • Move heavy loads
  • Drive vehicles
  • Work in chaotic work sites
  • Work in poor weather conditions
  • Dig trenches
  • And much more

Even relatively safe workers just have a lot of chances to get hurt on the job and that translates into high injury and fatality rates year in and year out.

Have you gotten injured in a workplace accident? How you lost a loved one? As you can see, these situations come up very often in this industry, and it is crucial that you know exactly what legal rights you have after the accident.