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8 types of neck injuries you could suffer at work

A minor neck injury, like a crick in the neck, can still be problematic enough that you feel like you can’t turn your head. If you’ve ever woken up with one after sleeping in the wrong position, you know that you may have limited mobility unless you actively reach up and push on your chin with your hand. It’s very limiting and can impact your ability to work, exercise, participate in hobbies and much more.

And that’s just a minor injury that does not require medical care. It may go away all on its own if you just give it a day or two.

As such, you can imagine how detrimental a serious neck injury can be. It could change the rest of your life. It could lead to significant medical bills, the need for rehab with a professional and the inability to ever work again. Here are a few examples of neck injuries that you could suffer on the job:

  1. A spinal cord injury
  2. A cervical dislocation
  3. A neck fracture
  4. A stinger or a burner
  5. A herniated disc
  6. Any number of whiplash-associated disorders (WADs)
  7. A neck sprain
  8. A muscle strain

In the best-case scenario, you can get medical care, make a full recovery and return to work. That could still take weeks or even months, depending on the injury. In the worst cases, you could lose mobility and suffer life-changing injuries that never heal.

No matter what happens to you specifically, if you get injured on the job, it is very important for you to fully understand all of the legal rights that you have.