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Common workplace risks and fatal injuries

Even if you survive an on-the-job injury, it can change your life forever. If you pass away, it is your family that feels the impact for years to come. Despite the way that workplaces have generally gotten safer in the last 100 years, recent years have seen an uptick in accidents, and it is important for workers to know the risks.

After all, 5,147 workers lost their lives in 2017, per recent reports. In 2016, it was even worse, with 5,190 deaths. It is clear that the risk isn’t going anywhere, with hundreds of workers dying every month.

What are some of the risks? Per the statistics manager for the National Safety Council, they include:

  • Falls from dangerous heights
  • Car accidents
  • Coming into contact with heavy machinery
  • Overdosing on drugs and medications
  • Slips and trips
  • Contact with objects — such as an object falling on a worker
  • Workplace violence
  • Animal attacks
  • Dangerous environments
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals and other substances

Transportation incidents show up in many different industries, and the manager noted that the issue is not how often they happen, but just how serious they are when they do happen, compared to other workplace accidents. “Motor vehicle injuries are relatively rare in the workplace,” he said. “But when a motor vehicle crash occurs, it tends to be very serious or fatal.”

If you do get injured on the job, or if a family member passes away, you could be facing medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages and more much. You need to know all of the rights you have and what steps to take.