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Teenage construction worker run over by forklift

A construction worker in California has died after a tragic accident in which he was apparently run over by a forklift. He was just 19 years old.

The incident happened in Rohnert Park, and it occurred on February 27, right around 10 a.m.

Emergency crews got to the site quickly, and they included the Rohnert Park Fire Department, the Rohnert Park Police Department and Sonoma Life Support. They said that they found the man on the ground. He was not breathing, and he was unconscious. They started CPR as quickly as they could, and his co-workers had already been working on the man before they arrived, but they were not able to save him.

How did it happen? Authorities released a short statement.

“The operator lost sight of his backer, and inadvertently backed over him,” they claimed after the accident. “Once the operator of the forklift realized what had happened, he immediately moved the lift and began to render aid to the victim.”

Because a workplace death happened, the investigation is now in the hands of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Mistakes like this are something that should never happen, and they will look into all of the reasons for the tragic accident and how it could have been prevented.

This story underscores the dangers of working on a construction site. Heavy equipment always increases the risks. All it takes is a second for a deadly accident to happen, even with experienced workers. Those who get seriously injured or lose loved ones in these incidents need to make sure they know all of their legal rights.