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Plywood falls on construction worker, killing him

Tragically, a man has been killed in California after an accident on a construction site. The incident happened in San Rafael on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

According to the reports, the man had arrived at the job site and was sitting near the piece of plywood. It is unclear exactly what he was doing, but it was still very early in the workday.

For some reason — the investigation is still happening right now — the plywood then fell and struck the man. When it landed on top of him, the force was enough to cause fatal injuries.

The police reported that the incident happened on Fair Drive, and it took place right around nine o’clock in the morning. Police had to close down the site and the road from Lincoln Avenue to Coleman Drive so that they could investigate.

Video from the scene shows a building that has been partially framed in, with other homes around it. There is plywood on the ground all around the construction site. Three people stand at the edge of the pit, looking down into it, and police tape runs around the entire area.

Accidents like this help to show just how dangerous the construction industry really is. Even workers who try to stay safe and do not put themselves in danger can be hurt or killed in an instant. While some may call this specific event more of a freak accident, there is a reason that construction takes so many lives every single year.

If you lose a loved one in a workplace accident, make sure you understand all of the legal options you have.