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How do I cope with the death of a co-worker?

Life is not easy. No one ever said it would be. It gets particularly hard when you lose someone close to you. Co-workers can be simple acquaintances who you don’t engage without side of work or they can become integral parts of your life and close friends. If you lose a co-worker due to wrongful death in the workplace, you need to know how to cope with such a loss.

The first step in the healing process after the loss of a co-worker due to a work-related death is to share your feelings. You are likely not the only person struggling with the loss of your co-worker. Other people in the office or on the construction sites are probably just as upset as you are about the death.

Take time off from work following the death of your co-worker. If the two of you were close, no one will expect you to power through this difficult time. Take time off for the day after the incident, for the viewing, the funeral and for anything else that comes after the loss of your co-worker.

If there are employee-assistance programs available from your employer, you need to take advantage of them. See a counselor or therapist. Listen to what the experts have to say. Let them help you put some structure back in your life following the death.

The wrongful death of a co-worker in the workplace is never easy to handle. You should follow the tips outlined in this post, so you can begin to heal. The loss of a close co-worker who you called a friend can make it difficult to return to work in California.