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How do I stay safe when using scaffolding?

Working in construction is rewarding and dangerous at the same time. You never know when something will go wrong and you or a co-worker could suffer an injury. This is especially true when it comes to working on scaffolding. Scaffolding is a necessary piece of equipment for many projects. So, how do you stay safe when using scaffolding in San Diego?

Any and all employees who are going to work on the scaffolding should receive the proper training before climbing onto it. Training should include how to operate the scaffolding, how to prevent falls from the scaffolding, load capacity of the scaffolding and more.

If you are going to work on scaffolding you need to be properly equipped. This includes wearing non-slip boots and having gear that prevents you from falling. You should wear a helmet, goggles and any other protective gear that protects you from the type of material being installed.

The scaffolding should be inspected every morning before a single person gets onto it. If the construction site is left unattended at night, the scaffolding could be messed with by trespassers. Ensure that the scaffolding is still attached to the building properly before getting to work.

Perform a double check of the employer for which you are working. You should never work for any employer that is not properly licensed. This could lead to insurance and other issues should an accident happen.

Operating on scaffolding can be very treacherous, even in the safest of conditions. Follow the safety tips outlined in this post so you do not wind up as a statistic in San Diego, California.