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How do I stay safe at a roadway work zone?

The roads in California seem to always be under construction. They are also a very dangerous place because of all the congestion. Construction workers are at risk of getting injured or killed on the job each day they step foot in one of these work zones. Here are some important safety tips for roadway work zones in San Diego and beyond.

Traffic should be controlled properly at or near all roadside construction zones. This can be done using flares, cones, blocking devices, warning signs, detour signs and large trucks. Place large trucks ahead of the zone as a buffer if the crew is working in one of the travel lanes or on the shoulder.

All workers should avoid the blind spots of heavy machinery or large trucks on the site. Never walk behind a vehicle that is being operated in reverse and if you are a spotter, be sure the driver or operator can see you clearly so you are not hit.

There should be a safety meeting held prior to beginning work each day. Remind workers of the safety policies in place and their individual responsibilities on the site. The meeting should also be used to ensure that every worker is properly equipped when it comes to safety gear.

Workers should be reminded to face traffic at all times, especially when cleaning up the road blocking devices at the end of the workday. Turning your back to traffic can be a fatal mistake.

Keeping yourself and your co-workers safe when at a roadway construction site is vital. If you follow the tips outlined in this post, you should not have to worry about getting injured on the job. If you do, it’s best to seek medical attention immediately.

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