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The process for filing workers’ comp claims in California

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April 20, 2018

As with any type of filing, there is a process you must follow in the state of California if you need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Suffering an injury on the job can put you in a difficult financial situation. The only way for some to climb out of this situation is by receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Follow the tips outlined in this post to properly file your claim.

You will need to complete the employee section on Form DWC-1 when filing a workers’ compensation claim. This section will ask for your name, address, phone number and details of the injury. You need to be as specific as possible when explaining the injury you suffered.

Make a copy of the form before submitting it to your employer. The employer has to complete the employer section of the form and has one business day to do so. Once the employer has completed their required section, they need to provide you with a signed copy of the document. The employer will then submit the document to their insurance company.

Your employer has 90 days to make a decision about the claim. This means they have just 90 days to either approve or deny the claim. If you are not notified in the 90 days about the claim, you can assume that it has been approved by your employer.

The filing process in California for workers’ compensation benefits is pretty simple. If you have any questions about the filing process, you can contact the state for clarification or ask your employer in San Diego.

Source: Department of Industrial Relations, “How to file a claim,” accessed April 20, 2018

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