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3 parties that may be liable for road construction accidents

Road construction seems to be happening all over southern California. As frustrating as roadwork may be for residents and motorists in the area, it is important to recognize that construction workers are putting their lives on the line to perform these jobs.

Whether crews are fixing potholes on residential roads or completely reconstructing part of a highway, they are on a construction site. And sadly, they are in danger of being injured in a serious accident. In fact, according to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, about 70 work zone crashes result in an injury every day. As such, it can be important to understand who causes accidents in these settings and what victims can do about it.

  1. Motorists: Drivers should slow down and be especially alert in construction zones. They may also have to move over or use alternative routes. However, too many drivers fail to pay attention or comply with traffic laws in construction zones. This can and does lead to catastrophic accidents.
  2. Construction companies: Signage, protective barriers and proper equipment are all essential elements of a road construction project. If a construction company fails to provide these things, workers could be in danger of being serious injured.
  3. No third parties: Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen, especially in the context of a construction project. People trip and fall, supports fail and machines malfunction. Sometimes these accidents are the result of carelessness or negligence, but not always.

Depending on who (or what) caused an accident, injured construction workers should know that they may be eligible for financial benefits and compensation. Oftentimes, this includes workers’ compensation, which provides benefits to people injured on the job. It might also include compensation from a lawsuit if a negligent party caused the injuries.

To understand your options for maximizing the financial remedies for which you might be eligible, it can be important to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.