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What is compromise and release?
If you sustain a work-related injury in California, you generally have two options for receiving your benefits. The first is Stipulated Findings and Award. The second is Compromise and Release. The first option allows you to request periodic reviews to determine your ongoing or enhanced need for benefits. According to the State of California, Department […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| January 11, 2021

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4 reasons for workers’ compensation denials
California has relatively good protections for workers who get on-the-job injuries. If someone denied your workers’ compensation claim, there could be something wrong. Sometimes, it is just a mistake. Other times, people might be trying to avoid their responsibilities. Here are some of the top reasons for workers’ comp denials. 1. A due date You must […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| December 21, 2020

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Can I get workers’ compensation if I am undocumented?
Undocumented workers in the United States face a series of unique legal challenges. In addition to these, some employers will try to take advantage of the fact that undocumented workers are usually afraid of detection and deportation. Unscrupulous employers will try and intimidate undocumented workers so that they will not exercise their rights under US […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| November 30, 2020

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How can I avoid fatigue-related workplace injuries?
It might seem beneficial financially for you to work long hours, shift work or multiple jobs but working while tired can lead to fatigue-related accidents. Fatigue is a hazard that can have a major impact on more than just your health, especially if you work in the industrial or construction industries. It can also lead […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| November 13, 2020

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Breaking down “the Fatal Four”
Like many practitioners in the construction industry, your decision to pursue such a line of work may be largely due to the unique environment you get to operate in. Indeed, the construction site offers a great deal of freedom compared to the traditional workplace. Yet as many of our past clients here at the Mitchell […]
On behalf of Mitchell Law Corporation
| November 9, 2020

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