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A Firm Committed To Defending Southern California Workers’ Rights

No matter what industry you work in, there is always the danger of serious injury. Suffering an injury at work could prevent you from working, leave you with large medical bills and cause lasting pain and suffering for years to come.

If you or a loved one was injured at work, speak with an attorney who can explain your rights under California’s workers’ compensation laws. At Mitchell Law Corporation, we have helped people from San Diego to Riverside recover the benefits they deserve after a workplace injury.

Providing Skilled Representation For Minor And Catastrophic Work-Related Accidents

No matter how minor you think your injury is, you may still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. For over 20 years, our experienced team has helped people recover compensation and move forward from a broad range of workplace accidents, including:

  • Crashes and collisions with heavy objects and machinery
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Electrical shocks
  • Exposure to toxic materials and loud noises
  • Machinery malfunctions and entanglement
  • Slips, trips and falls

An Experienced Team Advocating For Injured Industrial And Construction Workers

Those who have industrial or construction occupations are more likely to experience serious accident at work. Accidents involving construction and industrial workers can have catastrophic consequences, often leading to severe back pain, traumatic brain injuries, severed limbs and death in the most tragic accidents.

Our team takes an aggressive approach when working to secure fair compensation for industrial and construction workers who experienced a work-related injury. We will guide you through the legal process and will work tirelessly to maximize the amount of benefits we can recover for you and your family. In addition to industrial and construction workers, we have also assisted nurses and truck drivers with recovering workers’ compensation benefits.

A Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist Is Prepared To Stand By Your Side

Insurance companies will often work to limit the amount of benefits they pay to injured workers. You deserve to work with a law firm that is committed to defending your best interests. Contact our dedicated team to discuss your case with a skilled lawyer.

You will not pay unless we recover benefits. Call us toll free at 866-288-5792. You may also complete our online contact form to schedule your free consultation.