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Workers' comp in relation to carpal tunnel syndrome

Many jobs these days require workers to sit at a desk and type for eight hours every day. Over time, this can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the early warning signs you have developed with this condition is that you experience a tingling or painful sensation going from your shoulder to your forearm. Your fingers may also feel swollen. 

It becomes extremely difficult to continue to type when you constantly experience pain in your fingers and hands. What many people do not realize is that they can file a workers' comp claim for such an injury. It may be difficult to prove the injury occurred as a result of your workplace, but pursuing a claim can be worth it. 

How can you prove the injury occurred from work?

Carpal tunnel syndrome most often occurs as a result of repeating the same motions within your hands and wrists. There are also certain diseases that can lead to carpal tunnel, and some pregnant women may experience it. To increase the odds of a more successful claim, you need to show your job has you performing the same detrimental actions every day. These actions can include the following:

  • Data entry or typing
  • Using a vibrating tool 
  • Working on a computer
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Working on an assembly line

Carpal tunnel is most likely to develop in certain professions over others. If you work as a cashier, locksmith, agricultural worker, painter, mechanic or sewing machine operator, then you have an increased risk of getting carpal tunnel at some point in your life. 

What damages can you potentially recover?

You may have medical bills arise from carpal tunnel. Frequent doctor visits and medication may be necessary, and a successful workers' comp claim can help pay for these expenses. Carpal tunnel may also require you to go on temporary disability, and you may recover lost wages by filing a claim. 

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