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Have you sustained a job-related repetitive motion injury?

You may have heard of repetitive motion injuries but are not sure what they are.

These are injuries to nerves, muscles, ligaments or tendons. They often develop over time and can make your job difficult if not impossible to accomplish.

What happens

Repetitive motion injuries occur for a variety of reasons. You may be repeating the same motion over and over or using an awkward motion repeatedly in performing a certain task. Workers in many different industries are at risk: assembly line workers, carpenters, computer operators, musicians, gardeners and even tennis instructors.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

One example of a repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a common issue for office workers who spend much of their time using the computer, more specifically, keyboard and mouse. This is a progressive, painful condition that develops when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed. The results can include a tingling sensation in the hand and wrist, numbness or muscle weakness. However, depending on the job you do, you may suffer repetitive motion injuries that could affect other parts of your body such as your neck, back, hips, knees or feet.

Bursitis and other issues

Unlike some repetitive motion injuries, bursitis is usually visible. The cause is inflammation of a bursa sac, which is at the juncture of a bone and tendon and usually causes redness and swelling. Tendinitis, or inflammation of a tendon, is a similar injury that occurs in the same general location.

Undergoing treatment

If you receive a diagnosis for this kind of injury, recommended treatment may include medication, the use of splints, an ice-heat regimen or physical therapy. A physician will only recommend surgery in the most severe cases. You may be among the many workers with repetitive motion injuries who file workers' compensation claims to help pay for medical expenses and time away from work. The good news is that with proper care, you are likely to recover completely, and you may be able to avoid another such injury by modifying the way you perform repetitive tasks.

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