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How do bus drivers get injured on the job?

On the surface, being a bus driver may seem like a relaxing job. Sure, these drivers may spend part of their day in traffic, which can be stressful, but at least they get paid to do it.

However, there are many not-so-obvious ways for a bus driver to suffer an injury and to need to file workers' compensation.

Unsafe passengers

One way is via dangerous, unruly or drunk passengers. The passengers may not listen to a bus driver's instructions, and injuries could occur from breaking up a fight or through an assault from a disorderly passenger. Even on school buses, many bus drivers drive alone without support staff or other adults on the bus to help, and interacting with some children could result in kicks, hits or even bites.

Passenger help

Even helping passengers, such as schoolchildren in wheelchairs or adult passengers using scooters, can cause drivers to sustain an injury. They may have to bend, lift, twist and maneuver, and over time, that takes its toll. Even getting out of the bus to help a passenger onto it opens a driver up to natural risks from vehicles, people and animals.

Prolonged sitting and repeated movements

Prolonged sitting can result in issues such as back, neck and shoulder pain. Having to release parking brakes, too, can exact a toll on a driver's body. For instance, each time a school bus driver drops students off or picks them up, a high push/pull maneuver may be necessary, along with extended reach.

Frequent breaks to move around can help loosen up the drivers' bodies, but they might not address the problem 100 percent. Also, the breaks may not be often enough, or drivers may feel pressured to skip them.

Bus cleaning

Some bus drivers are responsible for cleaning their buses (and in some cases, involved in their maintenance). In the process of cleaning a bus, a driver needs to take care so as to not trip over mats. Cleanup may also involve picking up sharp objects, with which a driver needs to be careful. With proper care, most drivers may be able to avoid injury, but workers' comp is also a viable option for those who suffer injuries on the job.

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